Data protection measures

The data of members and the data concerning the starters will be not at all given to third persons.

Each person, stored in our database, have the right, that the surname will be shown unreadable (e.g. instead of Smith will be shown Sm**********).
If you would like to have this anonymity, please contact the person/team, who stored your data in our database, the oder activate the corresponding option in your starter profil, if you have access.

The organizer of a competition will always see the full name, because otherwise it is not possible to organize/handle a compition.
The full name will also be shown in starting list and result lists.

With the registration each person accept this way of handling the personal data.

Each person, who create/organize a competiton, informs all participants about this data protect rules in an adequate way. Storing data of third persons without agreement is not allowed.
The creator of this it-solution and the owner of this webpage is not liable for violation of this data protecting rules.
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